IM Corona Old Boy Lighter Type A

IM Corona Old Boy Lighter Type A

What’s So Awesome About IM Corona Lighters

IM Corona Lighters are among the most reliable lighters in the world, and they set the standard for being highly functional in stellar style. In fact, the IM Corona company has been an industry leader since its inception in the 1930′s. They are manufactured in Japan, and these lighters are truly designed to last. If you want to light your Double Corona cigar in style that matches the sophistication of the cigar itself, you want to have an IM Corona lighter.


When you choose a high quality lighter, you are making a smart choice in every possible way. Yes, they would cost more up front than a cheap, temporary one that you can get at any box store. However, only a high quality lighter will last for years to come. Also, it is generally safer and more reliable. The type of butane gas it takes matters. So does the type of flint.

If you want to impress company or even your best friend, when you break out a cigar or pipe, you want to be able to light it on the first try. By selecting a high quality lighter, you can avoid awkward social moments, too.

Old Boy Style

All IM Corona lighters are as aesthetically pleasing as they are always reliable. Several different models and styles are available so that you can find exactly what you want and need in a lighter. As a high quality, durable IM Corona lighter, the Old Boy was created to best serve in the lighting of briar pipes. It is weather-resistant, so you can take this with you on outdoor excursions without worrying about compromising the well-being of this nifty lighter.

The Old Boy is has a genuine briar root body. Using traditional butane gas, the Old Boy has a flint lighter to ensure that it works as long as it has gas. Instead of rubber, it has silicon and solid brass components. What has not been changed is the chic styling that is reminiscent of the beloved lighters of the turn of the century.

Finding Great Service at

It’s a good idea to find a place where you can shop for IM Corona lighters while always knowing that you will receive customer service that’s as high quality and reliable as the lighters themselves. You also need to find great, competitive price points as well. Luckily, can offer both the best customer service experience and the consistently best deals on IM Corona lighters online. This website carries only the highest quality lighters and keeps luxury lighters in stock at all times. also offers quick, convenient shipping. You shouldn’t have to wait long for your lighter. You will likely be anticipating it as soon as you order it, so rest assured that the company takes fast shipping very seriously. Simply contact us with any questions you have for prompt, considerate customer service. You should enjoy the entire experience here. Relax, shop, and receive!

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  • Vladic Daniluk Sweden says:

    I have a Old boy that I purchased 2 years ago.
    It feels that the spark wheel starts to weaken. Even if I put a new flint, so it is difficult to ignite. Do you have the spark wheel as a spare part?

    Best regards

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